We specialize in providing the collections industry with solutions that allow you to manage billing and collections smarter, simpler and more efficiently.


We offer secure, HIPAA-compliant communications from our state-of-the-art production process that provides you with fast and accurate mail.   We recognize compliant communications, address verification and specialized reporting can result in an improved and  efficient collections process.  We understand that you need to adhere to the principles of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  Our solution insures accuracy and timely communications.


PG Solutions Group understands the importance and urgency of timely payment receipt from your debtors. Our proven state-of-the-art solution will improve your collection rates, reduce your collection costs and mitigate risk.


Benefits of Our Solution:


We are HIPAA compliant and HITRUST Certified. Our security measures insure your data security. Our 100% disaster backup insures your collection letters will be out on time, every time.


Reduce Return Mail

We utilize the latest data processing and address verification methodologies. Eliminate duplicate mail, wasted postage, and poorly timed telephone calls while boosting your probability of receiving payment. 

Increase Collections

Custom messaging, fast turnaround and multi-channel communications can help you manage your call volume and impact receivables. 

Minimize Your Costs

Postal Presorting, NCAO, Cass Certification will help us get you the lowest rates from USPS.  Track the delivery of your mail using Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), to better coordinate dialing and mailing efforts.  PG Solutions Group utilizes the latest printing and mailing technologies for fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

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