A Guide To Transitioning Vendors

Making the decision to change vendors can bring uncertainty. Evaluating your options is smart.

When changing billing and statement vendors, your goals of improving service and value is combined with the ultimate challenge of avoiding disruption for your customers.

In part 1, we outline 5 of the 10 key points to consider when making this type of change. These might be signs that it may be time to transition vendors.

1. Price increases

Certain costs will continue to increase including paper and postage. Are you partnering with your vendor to maximize postage savings and optimized delivery?

2. Lack of timely reporting

Late, missing, and inaccurate reporting is a sign of disorganization and lack of resources.

3. Customer service issues

Are you getting bounced around from rep to rep? Are you meeting regularly to discuss ways to improve? You should be.

4. Gaps in communication

Do you have clear insight into your statement’s production status, cost, and timing? For a partnership to work, you need consistent and accurate communication with your vendor.

5. Production errors

You should be on high alert if there are errors that include: a customer receives someone else’s information/statement, or your vendor changed materials without notice.

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