Document Composition & Design

A reader should have to only give a quick glance to understand their document.  Whether is it printed or electronic, you need to make an impact quickly.  Are your bills and statements clear and easy to understand?  Are they focused on the customer? 

PG Solutions Group can help you improve your communication with our creative and technical solutions.  We will work with your team to create and develop improved formats and layouts for your communications. 

With new ideas and the latest technology, we will partner with you to take advantage of placement, color, white space and more.  Using your data, you can drive personalization of your bills/statements with messaging and promotion to meet to goals of your business and the needs of your customer. 

Improve customer communications

Increase revenue

Reduce phone calls

Save on postage costs

Faster payments

Raise brand awareness

Improve customer loyalty


High Speed Variable Color Printing

We can produce your statements, invoices and letters with the most advanced production print technology available today.   Our flexible cut-sheet and roll feed systems print variable data and graphics in full color.  We have a suite of print devices that suits virtually any output requirement. With secure communications, 100% of your output is variable and can be imaged digitally via inkjet or laser technology.

Our industry has gone through a dramatic shift over the past few years.  The improvements in inkjet technology has created opportunities for full color documents at a lower cost, printed at higher speeds.


PG Solutions Group has invested significantly in this inkjet printing technology and we will have the ability to print over 100 million pages per month!

Improved accuracy and turnaround

Ability to easily and quickly make changes

Complete customization with full color

Inline variable perforations and finishing options

Fast turnaround

Capability to quickly turn high volumes into mail stream


Intelligent Inserting & Mailing

High speed intelligent inserting is one of the foundations of our success.  Utilizing the latest inserting, scanning, and software technology allows us to produce high volumes of mail with speed and an accuracy rate that is second to none in the industry. Our facility is equipped to produce large quantities of mail.  This means that PG Solutions Group can move your mail quickly and accurately while maximizing your postage savings and increasing the deliverability while eliminating any unnecessary waiting periods.


Every intelligent inserter employs camera technology that reads a unique bar-code sequence we use to assemble the proper pages of each document; it then scans the unique data matrix in each envelope’s window to verify the integrity of the mail piece and address.  Each inserter is equipped with selective insert stations, providing the flexibility to send inserts to specially targeted customers.

2d bar-coding for accuracy

Selective inserting

Verification for accuracy and recovery

Mail tracking

USPS address management – CASS™, NCOALink™, POSTNET™, IMb™

Custom Reporting

Inkjet addressing combined with 2d bar-coding for matched mailing

Lettershop Services – tabbing, folding, gluing, perforating

Flats Inserting

Kitting and Fulfilment

We offer our customers the real benefit of saving time and money!


The largest expense in any mailing project can be the postage.  We partner with the USPS and mail commingling facilities to reduce postage expenses while improving deliverability.  


Undeliverable mail is costly, leaving bills unpaid and questions unanswered.  PG Solutions Group gets your mail into the mail stream fast and accurately. 


Our custom reporting and tracking will keep informed of the delivery timing to manage your internal response and AR tracking resources.


Omni Channel Delivery and Bill Pay

PG Solutions Group offers a single integrated platform for managing the delivery of traditional print multi-channel delivery and payment giving you the ability to drive customer communications through the channel your customers prefer.

Whether you want to use advance color printing, customizable email, texting and/or web portal, your ability to communicate is dramatically improved. Our integrated electronic presentment and payment solution can work with PC’s, tablets and mobile devices.

Our Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment (EBPP) platform lets your customers make payments when and how they want with a consistent, user-friendly experience across all bill pay channels.  Our systems are proven, compliant and secure.  We can also design online payment portals branded for you and your customers. Custom portals allow you to bill for your customers while providing real time and historical information you need in order to serve them seamlessly.


Going paperless, or reducing paper use, with our electronic payment processing system saves your business money on paper and postage.  More importantly, as adoption rates continue to improve, so will your customer engagement.   This results in faster payments and reduced phone calls

It has been proven that texting, for example, has one of the highest engagement rates of any channel.  PG Solutions Group's print and electronic communications are effective, compliant and secure.


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