Is your bill a communication tool that is consistent, provides the right information to reduce calls while improving collections?

Are you maximizing your billing to communicate planned outages, improvements and announcements to better serve the customers? 

PG Solutions Group's full range of utility bill services includes print, mail, and multi-channel communication solutions. We also provide electronic channels including electronic billing with value added touch points that include email, and SMS text messages.  Our integrated platform will help you meet the customer communication challenges that utilities face.  


Our billing services include;

  • Document management and redesign

  • Data-driven messaging and graphics

  • Full color variable digital printing

  • High speed intelligent inserting with 2D barcoding for accuracy

  • Complete multi-channel delivery options for electronic bill payment and presentment.


Save time, save money, and improve your customer documents and improve timely payments. We can help you turn your utility bill into an educational and brand building communication. 


Additional benefits of your improved communication solution:

  • Improved customer communication and satisfaction

  • Consistently communicate about incentives, mandates, initiatives, and rate changes

  • Bill reminders via text

  • Drive participation in efficiency programs and online bill pay 

  • Improve call center workflow with improved communication 

  • Fast, accurate mail

  • Improve payment cycles

  • Accelerate Bill Delivery and improve payment cycles

  • Diversify billing and payment options with electronic solutions

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